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Meridian Commercial is the largest provider of multifamily and commercial insurance inspection services in South Florida. We are the only firm that primarily focuses on insurance inspections for multifamily condominium associations and apartment building owners. We also perform insurance inspections for commercial condominium associations and traditional office, industrial, and retail properties. Below are a few reasons why to use Meridian Commercial for your next insurance inspection:


Multifamily & Commercial Focus

Our unique focus on multifamily & commercial properties allows us to have a larger knowledge base and understanding of these assets in terms of their building systems and physical construction. We also have a unique understanding and respect for the sensitive nature of entering a tenant's or owner's space.


Experience & Training

Our inspectors are highly trained and educated, state-licensed professionals with decades of experience in performing multifamily & commercial insurance inspections. We have performed inspections directly for insurance carriers and understand their expectations and requirements in a multifamily or commercial report.


Advanced Technology

We extensively use the most advanced technologies available in the market such as artificial intelligence, drone technology, and state-of-the-art inspection equipment including long-range, infra-red cameras, metalliscanners, and advanced scoping technologies.

Best-in-Class Reports

Our inspection reports are Best-in-Class. We have set the standard for providing the most comprehensive and highly detailed commercial-level inspection reports within the industry. We are often referred business by carriers, including CITIZENS Property Insurance Corporation.

Types of Insurance Inspections

  • Wind Mitigation
  • Commercial Roof
  • Commercial Electrical
  • Four-Point
Multifamily & Commercial
Wind Mitigation Inspections

In Florida, property owners can receive up to an 80% discount on their windstorm insurance premium if a building has certain “wind mitigation” features. These features have been proven to minimize the property damage during a windstorm or hurricane. Our inspection report qualifies and documents the seven potential wind mitigation features below:

  1. Building Code
  2. Roof Covering
  3. Roof Deck Attachment
  4. Roof-to-Wall Attachment
  5. Roof Geometry
  6. Secondary Water Resistance
  7. Opening Protection

Multifamily & Commercial
Commercial Roof Condition Inspections

A Commercial Roof Condition Inspection is typically performed for a property owner upon request from their current, or a potential new, insurance carrier. This inspection report represents the professional opinion of the inspector based on a limited, visual inspection of the building's roofing system. The scope of the inspection includes:

  • Date of the last re-roof:
    The inspector research & verifies the last re-roof permit application date and permit number.
  • Remaining Useful Life:
    Based on a visual inspection, the inspector estimates the Remaining Useful Life of the roof covering.
  • Roof damage and/or Leaks:
    The inspector visually inspects the roof covering for signs of leaks and/or deterioration in the roof covering and other roof components.
Multifamily & Commercial
Commercial Electrical Inspections

A Commercial Electrical Inspection evaluates key components of a commercial or multifamily building's electrical system. The main goal is to assess the safety and compliance of the electrical infrastructure to ensure that it meets the necessary standards and regulations set by insurance companies, local building codes, and electrical safety standards. The three (3) main purposes of a commercial electrical inspection are:

  • Risk Assessment:
    The inspector identifies potential electrical hazards or risks that could lead to a loss or damage from an overcurrent event.
  • Compliance Verification:
    The inspector verifies compliance with safety and electrical code requirements or notes if corrective actions are necessary.
  • Loss Prevention:
    The inspector identifies potential electrical issues before they escalate, preventing a loss or damage due to an overcurrent event.
Four-Point Inspections

A Four-Point Inspection is performed for multifamily (only) property owners when requested, or anticipated to be requested, by their current or a potential new insurance carrier. It's a limited visual inspection of the building's four main systems verifying compliance with general safety and code requirements for each system or noting if corrective actions are required. Four-Point Inspections are typically reserved for multifamily buildings with less than 5 units.

The four main building systems of a Four-Point Inspection include:

  1. Roof Covering System
  2. Plumbing System
  3. Electrical System
  4. Mechanical System

Other Types of Inspections Performed

We perform several other types of inspections for multifamily and commercial property owners, lenders, and insurance carriers.

Inspection: Description:
Annual Lender Inspections: Performed for institutional lenders of all types of mutltifamily and commercial properties and are primarily focused on the physical condition and life safety issues of the property.
Property Condition Inspections: Performed for institutional lenders, special servicers, or lenders that have become owners though the foreclosure process (REO) and are focused on the assessment of the property's overall physical condition.
Risk Evaluation Inspections: Performed for insurance carriers on properties that have a high level of deferred maintenance or may require significant capital improvements in the near future.
Wind Mitigation Re-Inspections: Performed for an insurance carrier to verify the findings of the original Wind Mitigation Inspection Report(s) provided by the Insured's inspector.
Four-Point Acquisition Inspections: Performed for multifamily clients that are acquiring a new property. It documents the condition of the four primary building systems - the roofing system, plumbing system, electrical system, and mechanical system and provides an overall rating and an estimate of Remaining Useful Life of components within those systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Insurance Inspection Reports:

  • How do I know what inspections I need?

    Your insurance agent or carrier should let you know which inspections are required.

  • How much does an inspection cost?

    Prices are quoted on a per building basis and vary depending on the type of property and inspection.

  • Are any discounts given for multiple properties or multiple inspections?

    Yes, discounts are provided for multiple buildings and multiple types of inspections.

  • Who will be performing the on-site inspection?

    A Florida Licensed General Contractor & Certified Master Inspector will be performing the inspection.

  • How often must the inspections be completed?

    Wind Mitigation Inspections must be completed every five years. Commercial Roof Condition Inspections, Commercial Electrical Inspections, and Four-Point Inspections are typically valid for 12-18 months.

  • What areas of the building will the inspector need access?

    It depends upon the type of inspection and the configuration of the buildings inspected.

  • How long does it take to complete the inspection report(s)?

    It depends on the number and type of inspections; however, we can typically complete the inspection reports within 24-48 hours, if necessary. Rush charges may apply.

  • Who must be present for the inspection?

    We prefer there to be an on-site representative of the owner, property manager, board of directors, etc., to be present during the inspections to provide any required access to the roof, electric room, unit interiors, etc.

  • Do you also perform home inspections?

    No, we focus exclusively on multifamily and commercial property Insurance Inspections but we are happy to refer you to a company that provides home inspection services.

  • Can Meridian Commercial perform our Association's insurance Inspections?

    Yes! We can perform the insurance inspections for your properties or Association. Contact us via phone at (754) 900-1900, email at, or the Contact Form on this website.