Property Management

Property Management Services

Established over 20 years ago, Meridian Commercial is one of the most trusted names in South Florida commercial real estate. We manage traditional multifamily and commercial rental properties, as well as commercial condominiums. We are “hands-on” property managers who believe that to effectively manage any type of real estate you must be physically "on-site" on a regular basis. We provide a level of quality and depth of services that are unique to the industry and we are committed to consistently delivering results.

We understand that collections must strictly be enforced while always maintaining a high-level of professionalism and developing positive relationships with the tenancy or unit owners. We are focused on collecting rent and/or monthly fees on time, every month. To help facilitate this process, we utilize state-of-the-art on-line software that provides electronic payment capabilities, including direct deposit to our client's bank account, which is highly encouraged.

We protect the real property by conducting weekly routine property inspections to ensure appropriate and proper preventative and recurring regular maintenance is being performed and the physical property is being protected and/or improved under our supervision. We coordinate all maintenance requests and are on-call everyday 24/7, and always provide multiple competitive bids for each project no matter how large or small. Our in-house General Contracting is an additional resource whether it’s for general construction advice, oversight, or as a construction manager to supervise all aspects of the next major capital improvement project.

We provide detailed financial and accounting reports, preparing the annual budget and calculating common area maintenance (“CAM”) charges and required reserve requirements. Additionally, we provide monthly operating reports, accounts payable/receivable, bank account balances/ledgers, and any other property specific reporting required by our clients. Contact us today so we can make your property our next success story!

Our Property Management Skills
Short-Term Management

Due to our comprehensive set of services, we manage properties on a short-term basis in conjunction with our investment sales and construction professionals to create a team that prepares the property both physically and financially for sale.

As a General Contractor we can close/complete any open permits, resolve any code violations, and manage any improvements designed to increase the value of the property. While Property Management gathers documentation, prepares financials, and potentially leases-up the property at/above market rates, the Investment Sale professionals' direct strategy and navigate our clients through a successful disposition process.

With management, construction, and investment sales on the same team collaborating throughout the process, we minimize the time to market and time on the market, while maximizing the net sales proceeds. Our “Best-in-Class” comprehensive services creates value in our clients’ assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Property Management:

  • How much do you charge for Property Management services?

    Pricing depends on the type and size of the property. Leasing and management services are priced seperately for rental properites.

  • Do you also provide leasing services for the rental properties managed?

    Yes, leasing is part of our Property Management portfolio of services.

  • Is Meridian Commercial a licensed commercial real estate property manager?

    Yes, Douglas E. Driver is the Florida licensed Real Estate Broker #0672274 and he is also the licensed Community Association Manager (CAM) #CAM58735.

  • Can Meridian Commercial manage our commercial property?

    Yes! We perform Property Management services for traditional real estate such as office, industrial and retail properties, as well as commercial condominiums. Contact us via phone at (754) 900-1900, email at, or the Contact Form on this website.