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Investment Sales Team

Meridian Commercial’s Investment Sales professionals are some of the most successful agents in the industry. We deliver industry-leading strategies designed to solve the most complex real estate challenges for both our private and institutional clients alike. Our investment sales professionals combine global market expertise with local market knowledge that ultimately creates value within our client’s assets. From initial market valuation through negotiation and execution, Meridian Commercial designs unique marketing and sales strategies to achieve efficient execution for maximum returns. Below are a few reasons why to use Meridian Commercial for your next acquisition or disposition:


Local Market Knowledge

Our team of Investment Sales executives have decades of experience in the South Florida multifamily and commercial real estate markets. We understand the local market nuances and have created unparalleled relationships with local buyers, sellers, and brokers.


Global Buyer Network

Meridian Commercial has built long-term relationships with an extensive network of foreign, domestic, and international buyers of multifamily and commercial assets. Our proprietary database has over 12,000 private and institutional buyers and brokers.


“Best-in-Class” Materials

Meridian Commercial prides ourselves on having “Best-in-Class” marketing materials. Our in-house graphics department creates some of the best designed email marketing flyers, hard-copy flyers, and electronic interactive offering memorandums in the industry.


Powerful Team

Our Investment Sales team includes construction, inspection, and management professionals that can help identify any potential physical or underwriting issues preemptively in the disposition process and early in the inspection period during an acquisition.


Proven Track Record

Executives of Meridian Commercial have completed over $1 billion in multifamily and commercial real estate property acquisition and disposition transactions, having represented some or the largest private clients and institutional owners in the world.

High-Profile Clients

Our Investment Sales executives have represented some of the largest property owners and institutions in the world, such as pension funds, REITs, insurance companies, government agencies, and high net worth foreign and domestics investors.

Clients of our Executives:
AEW Capital Management American Land Development Ameriton Properties Archon Group Archstone-Smith
Asset Resource Group Baxter Healthcare CIGNA Healthcare City National Bank Co-Fab Properties
Cornerstone Real Estate Advisors Fannie Mae First Market Properties Glass Ratner Highwoods Properties
MultiCapital Realty Group Ocwen Financial Corporation PHH Mortgage Corporation Principal Capital Management Prudential
Sarofim Realty Advisors TIAA - CREF Trammell Crow Company United Healthcare UBS Brinson

Investment Sales Services

  • Disposition Services
  • Acquisition Services
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Real Estate Owned (REO)
Multifamily & Commercial
Disposition Services

We represent clients in the sale or “disposition” of a property or portfolio. Our vast experience gives us direct knowledge of how to present a property to the most probable buyers. Over time, we have developed relationships with local owners and investors, as well as national & international buyers. We understand their motives, acquisition criteria, and contact them daily.

Each property and market has its own unique dynamics, and every owner has its own specific objectives. We've flourished throughout multiple market cycles and know how to successfully close a transaction in any environment. For each property, we create a strategic marketing plan that meets the owner’s objectives, minimizes the time on the market, and maximizes the sales proceeds.

We have completed over $1 billion in multifamily and commercial real estate transactions over the past two decades. Our professionals have experience in selling all sizes and types of multifamily and commercial real estate properties. Our experience gets deals closed!

Multifamily & Commercial
Acquisition Services

We assist clients in the purchase or “acquisition” of a property or portfolio. We know the local multifamily and commercial real estate markets as well as, or better than, anyone. Our experience and intimate market knowledge allow us to provide our clients with critical information they need to make informed purchase decisions.

Over many years, we have developed strong relationships with many local owners and developers, which often allows us to identify “off market” opportunities to present to our buyer clients. We also often exclusively represent institutional clients in the sale of their highly sought-after REO assets, which we offer to our buyer clients first.

Our seasoned team of sales professionals guides clients through the acquisition process from property identification to a successful closing. Our construction & inspection professionals bring additional skills and resources during the rigorous due diligence process. The Meridian Commercial team has proven to be a powerful acquisition tool for our clients.

Multifamily & Commercial
1031 Exchanges

We have successfully guided many clients though the complex 1031 exchange process. The Internal Revenue Code Section “1031” allows a real estate investor to defer all capital gains tax and depreciation recapture by reinvesting the sale proceeds into the acquisition of replacement property, deferring a “taxable event". 1031 exchange deferrals can be continued in perpetuity; however, when a property is sold without simultaneously reinvesting in a replacement property, there will be a “taxable event”.

Investors must follow a complicated set of rules during the 1031 exchange process to qualify as a tax-deferred exchange. The process must be facilitated by a Qualified Intermediary (QI), who holds the net proceeds of the sale and reinvests that capital in replacement property of the investor’s choosing. The QI ensures all rules are followed and equity is preserved during the 1031 exchange process. We strongly recommend selecting a QI prior to closing on the sale of a property and can provide a list of recommended QI's, or we can work with any authorized QI our clients prefer.

Multifamily & Commercial
Real Estate Owned (REO)

When an owner defaults on their mortgage payments, the lender starts the foreclosure process that often culminates in a public auction of the property. If there are no third-party bids greater than the outstanding mortgage amount plus expenses, then the lender becomes the owner. The term real estate owned (REO) refers to a lender-owned property acquired through foreclosure. Lenders may be local or national banks, private lenders, special servicers, or quasi-governmental agencies.

Most lenders don’t have the infrastructure to manage and operate REO, therefore they often sell the property immediately after acquiring ownership. We have long relationships with many lenders and often exclusively represent them in the sale of the REO property. We manage the property and resolve title issues such as code violations and/or open or expired permits, while simultaneously marketing the property. By combining our brokerage, construction, and property management expertise, we are able to dispose of the property quickly at a price acceptable to both the owner-lender and buyer. Our clients get exclusive access to these properties prior to the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Investment Sales:

  • How long does it take to sell a multifamily or commercial property?

    From initial listing date to the final closing date, the process takes approximately 90-120 days. For REO assets it takes approximately 30-45 days.

  • What are your fees for marketing a property?

    We are compensated though a listing agreement with the seller for a specific percentage of the purchase price that is paid by the seller to Meridian Commercial for susccessfully closing a transaction, similar to a single-family real estate agent.

  • Do you offer a co-brokerage fee to buyer/selling agents?

    We usually offer a co-brokerage fee to a buyer/selling agent; however, recent legal challenges within the the industry are changing the way buyer/selling agents are compensated, therefore, our listings may or may not offer a co-brokerage fee. Contact the agent to verify if a listing is offering a buyer/selling co-operating brokerage fee.

  • How do you find buyers for your exclusive listings?

    We have a proprietary database of over 12,000 buyers and brokers. We contact the most likely buyers via phone, send out custom flyers via email, use marketing services like Real Capiptal Markets, and post on commercial listing services like LoopNet, CREXI, and the local Realtor MLS.

  • How do I make an offer on one of your listings?

    Please send your offer directly to the listing agent via email in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Or, contact the lsting agent and request her or him to draft an offer in the form of a Letter of Intent (LOI) or FAR Standard Commercial Real Estate Contract (CC5).

  • Do you have any "off-market" listings?

    Many owners confide in our profesionals the desire to sell an asset but don't want to "formally" market the property to the general public for various reasons. With permission from the owner, we often present these "off-market" opportunities to our investors that we believe would be a good "fit" for the property. Our relationships amd market acumen could result in your next "off-market" acquisition opportunity.

  • What types and sizes of property does Meridian Commercial specialize?

    We specialize in traditional and REO apartment, industrial, office, and retail properties that range between $1 to $20 million in market value.

  • Does Meridian Commercial sell single-family homes?

    No, we specialize in the acquisition and disposition of multifamily and commercial real estate properties. By specializing, we provide our clients with better representation.

  • Is Meridian Commercial a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker?

    Yes, Meridian Commercial is a Florida Licensed Real Estate Corporation and Douglas E. Driver is a Licensed Real Estate Broker of Record with license #BK1513085.

  • Can Meridian Commercial represent us in our next aqusisition or disposition?

    Yes! We can represent you in the next acquisiton or disposition of your multifamily or commercial property. Contact us via phone at (754) 900-1900, email at, or the Contact Form on this website.